Thomas Shull, M.S., CCC-SLP is a certified, licensed speech-language therapist and certified cued language transliterator. He teaches a graduate course in phonetics at the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions. He has worked in education for nearly 30 years.


I believe that instruction should be designed for you – your level and the way you learn. Classes are functional, authentic, and  structured for success. Learning should also be fun. I’m committed to make sure every one of my students makes progress while enjoying the process.  For me, laughter is essential part of my classes.


I’ve always loved language. Growing up, I studied as many languages as I could. I’ve taken classes in French, Spanish, Latin, Portuguese, Korean, and American Sign Language. It wasn’t always about mastery for me. Sometimes I just wanted to see how a language worked. As an adult, I discovered linguistics and realized I could study how languages function.

TomFor a few years, I worked in a very different career. I moved to Los Angeles and worked in television and movies. Working on the game show Hollywood Squares was especially fun. I enjoyed the pace and most of all getting to work with contestants. Part of my job was to help them do well, win money, and look and sound their best. I realized that coaching others is something I love. 

In college, I found out that one of my friends knew Cued Speech. Her family used the Cued Speech system to communicate with her deaf sister. She taught me to cue and I was hooked. I attended training, became fluent, and began working as a cued language transliterator – facilitating communication between deaf and hearing people. Transliterators have to pay close attention to every sound that a person says. You don’t just cue what someone says, you cue exactly how they say it. I became attuned to accents and dialects and began teaching workshops in this area to other professionals. 

Looking back, it’s clear to me how I’ve ended up where I am. I’ve always enjoy coaching people and analyzing language. Teaching is a joy for me and I love helping others discover new patterns in English. As a speech-language therapist I use these skills everyday with children, but I also love working in my private practice with adults. My accent modification students are a motivated, smart, funny, and diverse group of people whom I enjoy working with each week.

I’m glad to share a little of my personal history with you and hope to have the opportunity to work with you and help you work toward your speech and language goals. If you still have questions, send me an e-mail


Conversations in Speech Pathology is a wonderful podcast that explores issues related to the field. I’ve had the pleasure of being interviewed twice. In Episode 031 – A Sound Practice for Accent Modification, I discuss my methods for accent modification and my philosophy of practice.


Previously, I spoke with Jeff in Tom Shull on DonorsChoose, Cued Speech, and… Mel Gibson about crowdsource funding for public school teachers, my work in Cued Speech, my past life in Hollywood, and just a bit about my private practice in accent modification.


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