Accent Modification

Pronunciation Diagnostic

Your accent modification program starts with a diagnostic to assess your pronunciation at the word, sentence, and conversational level. This tool enables your instructor to customize instruction to your individual needs. It also provides a basis for comparison as your pronunciation skills improve.


Language is a highly organized system. Even our mistakes have patterns. After completing the Pronunciation Diagnostic, your instructor will analyze your pronunciation to uncover your habits. Your instruction plan will target the high-frequency patterns that affect you most. Our goal is to help you improve as much and as quickly as possible. We’ll work together so that the content of each 50-minute session reflects:

  • Language you use everyday;
  • Terminology within your profession;
  • Words that people frequently ask you to repeat;
  • Contexts in which you struggle to get your words across.

The goal for most students is to develop a general American accent while reducing a foreign or regional accent. We’ll do this by targeting your individual needs. These may include:

  • Sound accuracy (consonants and vowels);
  • Reducing vowels and eliminating syllables to help you sound more natural;
  • Word and syllable-level stress;
  • Intonation and rhythm practice;
  • Controlling speaking rate.

Activities and exercises are designed to increase your ability to hear the differences between sounds, help you pronounce sounds accurately, and work toward a general American accent at the word, sentence, and conversational levels. Supplemental practice activities are an essential part of this program. Homework assignments will challenge you to  maintain your progress in-between classes and apply what you’ve learned in your everyday interactions. I look forward to working with you. Enroll here. 

Small Group Corporate Instruction

Clear communication is essential for business. The power of a presentation relies on the communication skills of its presenters. Accent modification services can help businesses improve employees pronunciation for phone calls, presentations, and clear communication with clients. Small groups can be held onsite in Boston or individual sessions can be run online. Our rates are competitive. For pricing and details, contact us.

Online Instruction

Today’s advances in technology make direct instruction possible at a distance. Completing an accent modification program through videoconferencing is convenient and effective. You and your instructor will “meet” via Skype or FaceTime and supplemental practice materials will be sent via e-mail or links shared through DropBox. You’ll be able to improve your English pronunciation sitting comfortably in front of your own computer. Just select a course and enroll. Your instructor will contact you and to begin your accent modification course.credit_car_logos