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Accent Modification for Clear Communication


Everyone has an accent. Accents add to our diversity. They tell our history and reveal our roots. Many people take pride in the uniqueness of their accent.

Sometimes, however, an accent gets in the way. When others don’t understand us, what we’re saying gets lost in how we’re saying it. If misunderstandings are frequent and others keep asking you to repeat what you’re saying, it might be time to look at your pronunciation.

Accent modification is a process of systematic, multisensory instruction. Foreign speakers learn to sound more like native speakers of a language. In some cases, American English speakers work on reducing their regional accent. Whatever the reason, working with an accent modification specialist will help you:

  • Accurately produce general American English sounds;
  • Learn to discriminate hard-to-hear sounds;
  • Correctly pronounce irregular words whose spelling and pronunciation differ;
  • Use reduced vowels to sound more natural.

Different options are available to help you improve your English pronunciation. Enroll in a course today.